Local Government Association bans 250 words

The Local Government Association in the UK recently published its annual list of 250 words and phrases that local councils should not use. Some of them are great:

  • clienting (What is that?)
  • trialogue (When three people talk I suppose.)
  • predictors of beaconicity (Is that a disease?)

But some of them are quite ordinary words:

  • output
  • priority
  • capacity

I suppose they are asking councils not to use these words in a way that might seem overblown.

It is interesting that the LGA feels that it needs to tell councils to tone down the jargon, but my games of Buzzword Bingo are going to be really dull from now on.

Interestingly if you look at the titles of the events on the LGA listing page, the event titles are littered with the banned words.

But I think that if the LGA wants to create the headroom for change to achieve the potentiality of capacity increases for customers, it needs to think out of the box, scan the horizon and implement a gateway review of enablers and incentives which will provide a seedbed to signpost the situational and process driven outcomes reconfigured from the core principles of a robust, risk-based re-weaving of a Third sector engaged in a transactional trajectory of sustainable synergies that are tested for soundness in our municipalities, giving an evidence base to point to exemplars of best practice in the delivery chain for clients, stakeholders and the populace to achieve early wins at citizen touchpoints ensuring service user centricity in a new paradigm while scaling back on scoping holistic governance initiatives that don’t use goldfish bowl facilitated conversations to achieve coterminosity.

Don’t you think?



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