LocalGovTV focuses on all the usual red herrings

I got an email from LocalGovTV asking for case studies, the extract is below.

Your efficiency case studies wanted for LocalGovTV

As local authorities prepare for the Budget announcement on 24th March, and the possibility of more spending cuts, LocalGovTV is looking for your efficiency case studies.

How is your council countering the recession by innovating new cost saving and service boosting practices?

Areas of interest include (but are not limited to):

– ICT reforms
– Mobile and flexible working
– Back office service transformations
– Asset management
– Outsourcing or shared services
– Property management

I know they are not limited to the list they provide, but do they not think that redesigning the work itself to deliver better services is worth a place on the list? Not to mention that ICT, back offices, outsourcing and shared services are all red herrings which not only make service worse but do so at massive cost, delay and reduction in morale because staff know they are a waste of time. The others on the list are just distractions from the improvement that changing the actual work will bring.



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