Better service before NHS cuts

If it is true that cuts are being made to frontline NHS services then they are getting it in the wrong order. With proper method better service and care can be provided and savings made in a matter of a few months without cutting service. There is plenty of waste in the NHS such that this can happen without cutting services right now. This is a panic reaction without knowledge of a better way of doing things.

If there are NHS staff who wish to find more about the better way then they are invited to come to the Lean London session on 25th May 2010. More information and registration here.



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  1. Mark Graban -

    You are absolutely right. Traditional cost cutting certainly isn't going to improve patient care (and it's unlikely to reduce costs!!).

    We need to focus on making work easier for frontline staff by eliminating waste and improving systems to support them in their important work. We can provide better, more caring care to patients, and costs will come down. Some hospitals have demonstrated cost reduction of 20% or more by NOT focusing on cost reduction!

    They use lean management principles to improve quality and reduce length of stay, while improving staff satisfaction and reducing cost. Cost is an end result, not something you manage directly.