Rewards will worsen attendance

North Lincolnshire Council is to consider rewarding staff for good attendance and it won’t help a bit. In fact it will make things worse.

If you read the agenda for the 9th June 2010 cabinet that will be held this coming Wednesday, you will see it is full of things like “implement check list”, “targets for individual areas”, “make managers aware of absence costs” and “put up poster”.

Woman Sleeping

Put up poster!

Nowhere is any mention of improving the work so that people feel they are doing a job with a purpose (serve the local community?) and doing it well. That is the thing that will lower the absence rate. All the other things are futile or will make the problem worse.

The most likely root of the problem is that staff are dissatisfied at what they do and at management constantly getting in the way of them doing a good job. Check lists and return to work interviews will simple antagonise the staff further and continue to reduce any motivation they may have to jump out of bed in the morning.

Give them a good job to do and they will love to come to work.

I wonder if anyone will raise this on Wednesday…



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