Does Pickles understand systems?

The Observer reports that Fly-tipping is on the rise as council charges for skips soar. From the article,

A survey of 148 council boroughs across the UK reveals that they have raised the cost of skip permits by as much as 650% over the past five years, rises that have corresponded with increases in illegal dumping.


Experts suggest there is a clear link between the costs of rubbish disposal and an increase in fly-tipping.

But right at the bottom,

Last month the local government secretary, Eric Pickles, criticised councils that introduced charges at recycling centres, saying they would be “utterly counterproductive”.

Pickles said: “People already pay £120 a month in council tax for local services”, and warned that the move would create “perverse incentives” to fly-tip rubbish.

Maybe Eric Pickles understands that concentrating on costs means that total costs go up.

I hope so.



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