Elderly care cuts are incredibly short-sighted

This report about cuts to elderly care has much to make you angry. There are the obvious inhumane outcomes where “elderly people with crippling disabilities are being left to fend for themselves” and “elderly people have been left in bed for 17 hours at a time, abandoned in soiled bedding and clothing, while others had to choose between being washed and being fed because visits were so brief.”

The reason that I highlight this situation is because the cruelty comes along with stupidity.

In the article, Ros Altmann, director general of the over-50s group Saga, is quoted as saying,

Cuts like this are incredibly short-sighted, because the less that is spent on someone with moderate needs now means more will have to be spent when their needs become substantial.

Focusing on cost cutting means costs go up in the long run.

Not complicated.

And the most annoying thing is that you could reduce costs and at the same time provide better care which keeps people in their own home for longer. Which is what everybody wants.



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