What Drives Us? Dan Pink’s RSA Animate Talk

A reader and Deming Alliance colleague, Kevan Leach, kindly reminded me that I ought to re-watch this great RSA Animate talk from Daniel Pink, the author of Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. I write about Pink’s work in my book ‘Beat the Cuts – How to Improve Public Services and Easily Cut Costs‘ and this video adds to that in a really fun, succinct way and very neatly describes Pink’s ideas about autonomy, mastery and purpose.

It’s only 10 minutes and the format is great.

Do you think that your organisation is still stuck in the old carrot and stick mode of incentivising people? Why not add a comment below and share either how your organisation is still stuck or what is being done differently.



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  1. David Robbins -

    Thanks for this, Rob. Always useful to be reminded of how often opposites apply when the paradigm has moved on. I trust your book is doin well. David R.