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meet spending targets
without cutting vital services
they fight to save

Our ethos

The only way to save money is to improve service. This is what staff users and managers want too. Better service means motivated staff, a happy public and a simple system for managers to run. People drive change, but method guides it. It is the application of intrinsic motivation to improve, that guides experimentation and prototyping to bring change to all corners of an organisation.

Rob Worth

Author of “Beat the Cuts – How to Improve
Public Services and Easily Cut Costs”
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Renal Information Exchange Group

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The public sector has started implementing cuts. This is already decimating services… but it doesn’t have to. There is another way.

  • Cut costs
  • Drastically improve performance
  • Dazzle customers
  • Raise morale
  • Make improvement part of the normal work – forever

“Beat The Cuts” explains how public sector organisations can improve and save services despite the requested cuts.


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