Not what I expected so I wasted everyone’s time

On Monday I logged into my bank account to change a standing order. I’ve done this before and I know that even though I key in the request with all the necessary details, the bank seem to get a human to re-key the request into their system. Last time I made a similar request, they got it wrong. This time I set a reminder for me to go into my online banking and check that it had been done correctly. That is a waste of my time.

So on Wednesday I looked on the website to see if the amount has changed. It hadn’t, so I shifted the reminder to Thursday. On Thursday it still hadn’t changed. On Friday still no joy, so I called them. Now I am wasting their time and more of mine. The nice lady who answers the phone tells me that actually, the amount has been changed, but that I won’t see it until after the next payment has gone out.

So I can’t trust them to re-key the amount correctly, but then I can’t see whether it was done properly until after they have possibly messed it up, unless I call them.

Of course I suggested that, 1) they make the instruction automatic from my request (as all my other online banks seem to do), and that, 2) the amount changes on the standing order list so I can check it.

The agent on the phone seemed to understand and said she would pass it on, but she didn’t sound that bothered.

People amending standing orders must be a common thing. This must happen all the time, but it seems they have no idea what it is like from a customer’s point of view to do something that should be quite straightforward.

Do you have anything similar that you are doing to your customers or users? Let me know in the comments below.



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